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Delighting users requires the unification of thousands of details toward a single inspired purpose.

Key Services

We create enterprise applications for mission-driven organizations and corporations,
and develop adaptable, high-performance frameworks to power them.

Enterprise Applications

We have experienced and highly skilled Python, Java and Front End Development teams, allowing us to lend sound and impartial advice as to the solution that best suits our clients’ needs.

We are known to create complex Enterprise Applications for our clients. We also customized the applications as per the critical business requirements. We also provide solutions that curb costs and boost sales, mindshare and market share.

Robotic Process Automation

We use a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to automate process to replace repetitive and clerical task performed by humans and to handle high-volume.

We work together to deliver continuous process optimization. We not only help businesses identify which processes to automate and where cost savings can be achieved, we also provide a range of automation solutions and smart analytics to ensure organizations are getting the most out of their RPA investment. Our solutions stood out from the rest due to their intuitive platform, user friendly interface and extensive capabilities.

Data Intelligence Tools

We incorporate big data, analytics and computer-aided decision making to empower our clients to make smarter and swifter decisions.

At Belzabar, we create systems that improve user experience by leveraging the experiences of others, and we do this by assembling only the most relevant data and distributing it to users in the correct format at the correct time.

Cloud computing

Need to leverage the cloud to your advantage? Meticulously designed architecture and scrupulous programming count.  These elements will allow you to achieve resiliency and scalability that were previously unheard of.

We employ techniques to script environment configurations so that your lower environments can be identical to production, with no incremental manual effort. Monitoring dashboards and alert configurations can signal warnings before a harmful problem occurs. And automated runbooks can respond to problems and guide human intervention.

We make use of a variety of techniques to drastically lower hosting costs, freeing up resources that you can then use to drive traffic, increase sales and strengthen your brand.  Our engineers have the skills and expertise needed to harness the technological and business potential of the cloud while maintaining reliability and security.

Quality First

The quality of every aspect of our work is the foremost priority of every member of our engineering team. We employ a variety of automated an human testing paradigms and incorporate Test Driven Development into much of our work.

Workflow and Automation

Both public and private sector organizations come to Belzabar to increase administrative savings and optimize productivity.

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