Senior DevOps Engineer

Senior Infrastructure Engineer
As a Senior Infrastructure Engineer at BSDI, you will play a key role in bringing important software to market and into widespread use.In this role you will integrate a variety of leading-edge technology stacks in a secure manner, and ensure availability and safety of the production systems at scale. Software security analysis and considerations are a key part of this role.You have a thorough computer science background and experience with full stack software engineering and architecture, and have previously played a key role engineering enterprise-quality projects. You create solutions that are elegant, thoughtful and rigorous.You are hands-on and a team player, and combine camaraderie and mentorship to effectively deliver good functionality with efficient time-to-market. You communicate effectively and accurately.

Technically you are capable of taking the lead, and are well-versed with Agile and Scrum development methods. Working in a dev/ops environment is a plus. Balancing between business needs and technical challenges is important. Knowledge of security is very important.

Proven skill on various programming languages, and hands-on experience with security aspects, are key for this position.


  • Expert in Linux/UNIX, including operating system internals (kernel, filesystems, memory management, processes etc)
  • Good development experience, preferably in a scripting language such as Perl, Python, PHP or Ruby
  • Good experience in shell scripting
  • Strong in networking, with experience in IPv4 and a good knowledge in IPv6
  • Experience in setting up, tweaking, and troubleshooting various types of servers (e.g. Mail, Web, Database, DNS, Proxy, Remote Access, Directory, network servers)
  • Experience in system and network monitoring and alerting systems (nagios, ganglia, snort, …)
  • Thorough understanding of IT security, both theoretical and practical
  • In touch with current technology trends, and be aware about recently discovered security vulnerabilities
  • Note: We are looking for someone who knows Linux systems and computer science inside and out. Not someone who has done certain routine, clear tasks before, but rather, someone who – when strange things are going on (an attack from an unknown source, some Web traffic failing for unknown reasons, a networking problem, a firewall problem, file recovery, where even the problem isn’t clear) has the comprehensive knowledge and expertise to determine how to swiftly diagnose it and then solve it, using Linux utilities, tools and techniques that most programmers would just not be familiar with. That’s not to suggest that this is what they would spend most of their time doing. As, emergencies like this come infrequently, although they do come and are extremely important to handle skillfully. However, success with the day-to-day work of configuring various systems in a way that will prevent problems depends on the expertise described above


You will work in a variety of activities including:

  • Infrastructure engineering and production support
  • Analysis, integration, configuration, maintenance and oversight of applications, systems, tools and infrastructure
  • Performance monitoring, tuning and capacity planning
  • Researching and recommending innovative and potentially automated approaches for system administration and operation
  • Identifying security considerations, needs and solutions rigorously and thoroughly
  • Identifying technical solutions to support business needs
  • Troubleshooting complex unstructured problems and recommending solutions across the systems and infrastructure
  • Development of technical documentation and to include system architecture components, technical proposals and recommendations

Experience: At least 6 years of experience in software infrastructure and engineering
Qualification: Bachelor’s degree or higher – in Computer Science or similar
Job Location: New Delhi

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