Creating Web software that inspires glowing reviews and delighted users requires the unification of thousands of details toward a single inspired purpose.

We create unique, powerful features and harmonize every detail of your site to raise you above your competition. Our software architectures let your website run quickly and reliably, even when it’s used millions of times per day.



Programmers at Belzabar create high-performance websites that are beautiful, fully responsive, and scalable to millions of tablet, smartphone and desktop users – websites that sell and are, moreover, compelling, persuasive and engaging.  Our comprehensive CMS experience in giving fast and simple administrative capabilities makes maintaining a current site a snap.  Impartial with respect to CMS approaches, we will only advocate for and implement a solution if it is the best fit for your technical requirements and other preferences.  Among the many CMS platforms with which we are highly experienced are CQ5, WordPress, Alfesco, SharePoint, Umbraco, DotNetNuke, Joomla and Drupal.



Whether you need systems and tools to increase sales or increase efficiency, success will rely on programming, knowledge of user behavior and a sharp eye for design – and our expertise in these areas is what keeps firms coming to us.  We maintain experienced and highly skilled LAMP, .NET and Java teams, allowing us to lend sound and impartial advice as to the solution that best suits your needs.  In addition to expertly crafted solutions, you will also net ideas that curb costs and boost sales, mindshare and market share.

Mobile Applications

Do you need apps for your enterprise to optimize workflow?  Or apps to drive engagement with your customers?  Clients choose us for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone solutions to meet a variety of business needs.  We have extensive experience both in native programming and in frameworks such as PhoneGap and Sencha as well as bridging HTML5 and native.


Cloud computing

Need to leverage the cloud to your advantage?  Meticulously designed architecture and scrupulous programming count.  These elements will allow you to drastically lower hosting costs, freeing up resources that you can then use to drive traffic, increase sales and strengthen your brand.  Our engineers have the skills and expertise needed to harness the technological and business potential of the cloud whilst maintaining reliability and security.

Data and Intelligence Tools

Big data, analytics and computer-aided decision making are trending in both the private and public sectors, and organizations come to us for our expertise in these areas.  It is nonetheless our belief that human judgment remains an essential component of business processes.  At Belzabar, we create systems that improve user experience by leveraging the experiences of others, and we do this by assembling only the most relevant data and distributing it to users in the correct format at the correct time.


Workflow and Automation

Both public and private sector organizations come to Belzabar to increase administrative savings and optimize productivity.